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Builder grade backsplashes, typically consist of a 4” piece of the countertop material run up the wall. Replacing this is one of the easiest upgrades you can make to your kitchen. This space can be accentuated with paint, wallpaper, stainless steel sheets or full pieces of stone backsplash extending all the way to the upper cabinets. The most popular choice is tile. New peel and stick tile have led to an explosion of DIY backsplash projects, but these products are still fairly new to market, and we continue to recommend thin set and grout installations.

Most of our customers select engineered quartz counters for their pattern consistency and overall durability. Engineered quartz tops comprised of crushed natural stone, glass, and resins. Each manufacturer fabricates its stone a little differently offering thousands of possible choices. If it starts to feel overwhelming at Merrick, we still love the natural beauty of Super White and Absolute Black Granite.

Yes, you can replace just the kitchen countertop leaving the cabinets in place. Any caulk between the top and the cabinets and backsplash should be carefully scored, and the top should be pushed off from below. It is easy to damage surrounding finishes if you are not practiced in demolition. If it’s important to you to preserve your cabinets, this is a task best left to the professionals.

It’s easy to swap out surface light fixtures and replacing fixtures dose not require an electrical license. Step 1 turn off the power at the electrical panel. When removing the existing fixture, pay attention to how the existing wires connect to it and match the colored wires up accordingly on your new fixture. Use needle nose plyers to twist your wires together before installing the electrical cap. Then secure your light fixture to the electrical box per the manufacturer’s instruction. Home Depot sells easy-to-follow wiring guides and when in doubt get it professionally installed.

Electrically yes, structurally most likely no. A ceiling fan is much heavier than most surface light fixtures. To support the weight of a ceiling fan the electrical box needs to be properly secured between two ceiling rafters.

The wiring and drywall openings from dated recessed cans can be repurposed for LED wafer lights like these. In addition to being much sleeker looking, they come in adjustable LED temperatures are dimmable, and provide a much wider cone of light.

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I can't say enough about how pleased I have been with the quality and the service from Wayne and his team at Merrick. They restored a balcony railing and floor for us last year, and we had them return to install new shutters recently. We will certainly be calling on them again for other projects!

Heidi H.

The Handyman team has completed several projects for me this summer including tile work, furniture repair, exterior work and more. All the tasks were done in a timely manner and done with a detailed eye. Thanks so much Merrick Design and Build.

Elizabeth M.

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