21 Little Things to Do to your Home Before the Holidays

Don’t rip your hair out, let Merrick’s Handyman team help you get organized this season. Starting with this list!

1. Give your entry a face lift

Replace your front door. It’s the first thing your guests see and a new door will help to keep out the winter drafts. An added bonus, replacing your entry door with a steel door will yield the highest return on investment of any home improvement project according to the Cost vs. Value report.


2. Keep your car cozy

Replacing your garage door is high up the list on the Cost vs. Value report. It’s a great way to keep your home secure and looking good.


cabinets3. Tighten up your kitchen

Over time cabinet doors tend to sag. Tightening the hinges will pull them back into shape. This is also a good time to do some baby proofing, if needed. Don’t forget if Merrick installed your kitchen this is covered by our warranty.


4. Update your Kitchen

A new countertop will make any kitchen feel like new, whether it’s granite, quartz or even butcher block.


5. Ditch the Dated

Cabinet knobs are an easy swap and a fast way to make your kitchen feel more up to date. Swap out those old knobs for something a little more fun!


6. Deck the Halls!

Did you know you could hire a Handyman to hang your holiday lights? Well you can!


washing7. …Wash the Halls

Dingy walls leave a home feeling neglected so take the time to scrub the walls with warm soapy water.


8. …Paint the Halls

If a sponge won’t cut it consider a nice new coat of paint. A low VOC paint like Benjamin Moore’s Aura will keep your home safe and smelling fresh.


9. Make a Splash

Jazz up your kitchen with a new backsplash. There are hundreds of tile choices out there. If you work with a designer then you’ll be sure to find the right tile to blend with your kitchen.



Don’t miss out on the sales, one of the biggest opportunities for savings this time of year is Appliances!



Finally fix that running toilet or leaky faucet. New toilets use half the water,so consider making a switch  to really save water.


Annas Master Bath 312. Freshen up the guest bath

It’s easy to make a bath feel like new by making just a few changes. A new vanity and accessories can go a long way.


13. Freshen up YOUR bath!

Grim caulk can leave even the best bath feeling gross. Have a Handyman replace it so you can put away the Soft Scrub.


14. Don’t Get Caught in a Draft

Every year someone says to weather strip your doors and windows. Get this taken care of if you haven’t already! While you’re at it have your insulation inspected too, it may be time for an upgrade.


hose15. Keep the Frost at Bay

Bring in your garden hose and cover all your hose bibs to keep them from freezing.


16. Gift Yourself a Tech Upgrade

Swap out your old thermostat for a new programmable thermostat.


roof17. Avoid a cave in!

Snow is heavy and the weatherman is already calling for lots of snow. So take the time to inspect your roof, gutters, downspouts and landscaping close to your house.


18. Add some cheer!

Vent-less gas fireplaces and gel fuel fireplaces are an easy way to add this cozy feature to your home without having to add a chimney.


19. Prep your kitchen!

Cleaning your appliances before the holidays can be a lifesaver. Avoid a fire by cleaning your oven and range hood in advance and by having a fresh fire extinguisher handy.


20. Freshen your kitchen!

Cleaning out your garbage disposal is an easy way to remove any stale odors that might be lingering in your kitchen.


21. Fix Your Doors

Doors that stick and squeak are annoying. Have them adjusted by a pro.

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